Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film

“I think we’re gonna need a smaller boat…” – a trailer for a German DVD publication of the British Film Institute’s 1999 restoration of South.


Entries of 500 to 1,000 words on the following topics:

  • Film stock
  • Ministry of Information (UK, during World War I)
  • The Great White Silence (UK, 1924, dir. Herbert Ponting)
  • Path√© (UK)
  • South (UK, 1919, dir. Frank Hurley)
  • Video


In Ian Aitken (ed.), Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film, London, and New York, Routledge (2005), ISBN 978-1-57958-445-0.


Available for download here is a document containing the initial, pre-edited draft of my entries.  Copyright in the final version is owned by the publisher.

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